Clinton campaign hires student organizer from Sanders operation

President Obama has done what many have already projected he would do: endorse Hillary Clinton for president. But she said she believed she was qualified for the job.

Of course, Sanders didn't help himself when he took Clinton's biggest weakness - questions about her honesty - off the table at the first Democratic debate, dismissing the legal problems about her e-mail use at the State Department. Obama 'did not say that he liked the ideas of Republicans.' In fact, Obama's led the fight to raise the minimum wage, close corporate tax loopholes and cut taxes for the middle class.

Hillary Clinton secured the delegates required to claim the Democratic presidential nomination Monday.

The talks came a day after the MA senator endorsed Clinton.

A source familiar with the meeting, however, said the two discussed how they will work together over the campaign to promote progressive policies and to stop presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. She's got the courage, the compassion, and the heart to get the job done...I have seen her judgment.

However, Sanders later also indicated that he would "assess" his path to victory in the wake of California's primary which was held on Tuesday. "He wants four more years of Obama - but nobody else does!", he zinged on Twitter to his 8.7 million nutty followers.

Sanders so far has not conceded defeat, even though Clinton recently clinched the nomination and won endorsements from President Barack Obama and U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA - a favorite of the same left-leaning voters who supported him.

There was also praise from the President for fellow Democrat hopeful Bernie Sanders for running what Barack Obama described as an "incredible campaign that shone a spotlight on economic inequality".

Obama was looking to play peace broker, coaxing Sanders to recognize Clinton as the party's presidential nominee.

Republican National Committee Spokeswoman Lindsay Walters called Warren "a sellout" for backing Clinton.

The campaign Sanders built is valuable to Clinton. Bernie Sanders, has been focused on the convention for weeks.

"I think Elizabeth Warren is a wonderful, bright, passionate person, but with no experience in foreign affairs, and not in any way, shape, or form ready to be commander-in-chief", Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell told radio Philadelphia radio host Rich Zeoli.

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