Trump's new Obama claims thrust him into uncharted territory

Trump's actions since the shooting earned a blistering critique on Tuesday from Clinton, who said America doesn't "need conspiracy theories and pathological self-congratulations" from its candidates for president. To generalize as Mr. Trump does about "the Muslims" is to set the nation down a unsafe road it has trod, to its eventual regret, in the past: banning Chinese immigrants a century ago, rounding up USA citizens and noncitizens of Japanese descent in the 1940s, expelling Mexicans a decade later.

In denouncing the attack as both an act of terrorism and a hate crime, Obama has reiterated his frustration over the easy availability of guns in America and the failure of Congress to pass any gun control measures in more than two decades.

And even senior Republicans distanced themselves from the billionaire former reality television star. "We hear language that singles out immigrants and suggests entire religious communities are complicit in violence". Are we going to start discriminating against them due to their faith?. Do Republican official actually agree with this? She was also able to reiterate her support for an assault-weapons ban and for a ban on gun sales to people on the terrorist watch list, which Republicans oppose.

And he suggested those who still believe he does not get the nature of the threat talk to U.S. Special Forces soldiers he has deployed to war zones or law enforcement officers on U.S. soil or intelligence officers out in the field. And his plans to temporarily halt Muslims from entering the USA made sense even before the Orlando shooting, anxious as they were that newcomers are arriving too quickly and adding unfamiliarity to a country they no longer always recognize.

But the group's success in becoming a rallying call for terrorists everywhere - including lone wolf operators who struck Americans in Orlando and San Bernardino, California - tends to obscure the battlefield gains, and sheds doubt on their sufficiency. "If he doesn't he should immediately resign in disgrace". He claimed that the term "Radical Islam" wouldn't change or do anything. It's not a strategy. "This is a political distraction". "To use religion as a test, to say we're going to discriminate against all Muslims, is so counterproductive it really nearly doesn't deserve being talked about". Obama's National Security advisor echoed Obama's Tuesday's comments nearly verbatim in an interview on Charlie Rose's PBS show.

And the words "radical Islam" are not a substitute for strategy, obviously. With her attention fully on Trump, Hillary Clinton wants to make sure the voters understand their clear choice. You can not simply drone-bomb a terror group driven by religious fanaticism out of existence, which appears to be Obama's main strategy.

Sunday's attack, in which 53 people were also wounded, ranks as the worst mass shooting in modern USA history.

President Barack Obama lands Thursday at the scene of the largest terror attack on US soil since 9/11 buffeted by criticism that he doesn't understand the threat posed by radical Islam and hasn't done enough to protect the homeland. "But I like this much better".

Clearly, Mr. Obama, ISIS is thriving and radical Islam is on the rise.

"Only time will tell if that translates to actual votes", said Angelo, "but, in key states that will be decided by slim margins, a few extra votes from LGBT Americans could make all the difference". Donald Trump (and some other people) will be pushing the "terrorism" button as hard as they can, in the hope that they can fool people into backing extreme solutions to what is really a very small problem, but that is just cynical self-interest.

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