Coney Island beach closed due to shark sightings

Due to reports of shark sightings Tuesday, stretches of Coney Island Beach have been closed and reopened "multiple times", according to a New York City parks official.

"Out of an abundance of safety, Parks closes beaches to swimmers when sharks are in the immediate area", he said. Harbor experts recently told this paper that a bumper crop of bunker fish is luring predators closer to Brooklyn's shores - and that we can all expect more fins in the water - but closing the beaches because of sharks is a first in recently history, officials said.

It's not uncommon for juvenile sharks to be spotted swimming around the shoreline and near piers on Coney Island. Basking sharks are slow-movers that can grow up to 40 feet long. We agree with the decision by New York City's Department of Parks and Recreation to close beaches out of an abundance of caution and respect for these animals.

Aquarium director Jon Forrest Dohlin says wildlife sightings are opportunities "to appreciate the wonder, beauty and diversity of the ocean". While the predators are usually out of sight from the beach lovers, recent news has confirmed that they have been lurking around areas nearby people, casting enormous fears from the population. However, the sharks spotted in New Jersey haven't been identified yet.

"Let's face it, 25 species - every time you go swimming, you're swimming with sharks".

Fisherman plucked 17 thresher sharks from the seas near Sheepshead Bay during a tournament last month.

Waters around the world are full of creatures so it's important to remember that you aren't the only one in the water.

  • Aubrey Nash