Cyanogen Changes Its Business Model Focus And Cuts Jobs

According to multiple sources, as the service of developing Google's Android OS is not working worth, the company is planning to generate a new substitute to OS development through designing and development of Applications. "So, everyone who arrived at Cyanogen Seattle this morning did so to lose their job (aside from those conducting the layoffs)".

So for all you users of CM out there, you can rest easy knowing that for now it seems that nothing has changed. Android Police was the first to report news of layoffs, noting as well that "the company plans to undergo some sort of major strategic shift, with one claiming that this involves a "pivot" to "apps"". Perhaps as to say it's not that CyanogenMod doesn't work, it's just that the way Cyanogen Inc tried to use it - Cyanogen OS - maybe doesn't. That includes nearly entire offices in India and Lisbon, along with teams in Seattle and Palo Alto focused on the open source software. Despite some early successes and lots of venture funding, things aren't looking good at Cyanogen Inc. right now.

It was also known that employees were called into meetings, and they were told that it was their last day on the company, some cases included a group of employees.

The company may now pivot from building its OS for manufacturers to building apps instead.

Kondik's project CyanogenMod is open source and has been ported to hundreds of devices.

CyanogenMod started off as an open source operating system based on Android. In recent years, CyanogenMod went from a tool for tinkerers into a full-fledged alternative to Google's standard versions of Android, and made its way onto a few phones, such as the OnePlus One. And it's unclear if such a move would be built around the company's MOD strategy, a means for enhancing normal smartphone features (within the Cyanogen OS, of course) with add-on packs from developers.

  • Fernando Stephens