David Cameron: Farewell my feline friend

David Cameron today used his final speech as Prime Minister to reveal his daughter once jumped in a ministerial red box before a foreign trip and said: "Take me with you".

After six years at 10 Downing Street, Prime Minister David Cameron is moving out.

Britain's political change of command opened yesterday with Mr Cameron receiving a standing ovation at his valedictory appearance in Parliament as Prime Minister. He is succeeded by former Home Secretary Theresa May and will remain as Member of Parliament for Witney in Oxfordshire. It is easy to say but hard to do,"the 49-year-old said before getting into waiting cars to be driven to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen, as per PTI".

David Cameron will not be U.K.'s Prime Minister for much longer - but Larry will still reign as the nation's top tabby. "Other than one meeting this afternoon with Her Majesty the Queen, the diary for the rest of my day is remarkably light", Cameron said to roars of laughter in a packed House of Commons in London.

Cameron said he meant to stay in public life and would be "willing them on", addding: "Nothing is impossible".

May will later visit the palace, where the queen will ask her to form a new government.

Theresa May promised to fight "burning injustice" in British society, govern for the poor and marginalised, and create a union "between all of our citizens" in her first remarks as the UK's prime minister.

And the outgoing Prime Minister shared one last moment in the limelight outside the famous black door with wife Samantha and children Nancy, 12, Arthur, 10 and Florence, five.

She said she could provide the leadership "in dark times for Labour" that Jeremy Corbyn could not, as the challenge to Corbyn's leadership intesifies. In his final remarks, he reprised a remark he made to Tony Blair during his first ever PMQs as opposition leader in 2005. saying: "I was the future once".

Larry is officially on the payroll, his upkeep being funded by Downing Street administrators.

The swift transition of power comes after the expected nine-week leadership campaign was truncated to just a couple of days by leading Brexit campaigner Andrea Leadsom's surprise withdrawal.

  • Joey Payne