Detectives: Escaped Florida murder suspect may be armed

Following the escape of murder suspect Dayont'e Resiles from the Broward County Courthouse, Friday, Sheriff Scott Israel blamed county administrators for providing him with a budget too small to properly staff the courthouse.

Authorities search Regal Trace apartment complex for Dayonte Resiles after he escaped from the Broward County Courthouse, Friday, July 15, 2016, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

He's accused of murdering Jill Halliburton Su in her Davie home in 2014 and was in court to determine whether prosecutors will attempt to seek the death penalty at trial. He left behind his shackles and slipped out of his jail-issued jumpsuit as he ran, Israel said.

Authorities say murder suspect Dayonte Resiles jumped out of a jury box and ran from a courtroom around 9:30am, breaking free of his handcuffs and shackles and ditching his gray prison jumpsuit in a hallway.

The area around the courthouse is also being searched by Fort Lauderdale Police, who are assisting Broward Sheriff's officers.

"We have begun an investigation under the direction of internal affairs".

Frank Celone, a witness to the chaotic scene, said: "Right before he got there he pulled the buttons on his uniform". Israel said one of the bailiffs unsuccessfully tried to grab Resiles, but he got away through the north wing of the building.

The escape prompted a lockdown of the courthouse for several hours and a manhunt, which persisted through Saturday. "We will do everything we can to bring him back into custody safely, quickly and efficiently".

Resiles was a serial burglar, according to police and has pending charges for home break-ins in Plantation, Miramar and Oakland Park, the Florida Sun-Sentinel reported. If you see him, do not hesitate - call 911.

Resiles is 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighs 175 pounds. Williams said there are two stairwells from the fourth floor that lead outside.

"Our only focus at this time should be on capturing the escaped inmate and ensuring the safety of the public,"said Broward County mayor Marty Kiar".

  • Joey Payne