Ill. delegates differ on impact of Cruz's convention speech

A GOP operative and a conspiracy theorist have joined forces to look for a candidate that can replace Texas Sen.

Cruz was still one of the most talked about topics on social media, capturing attention ahead of Trump's big speech.

During a speech Wednesday night, Cruz instead urged people to "vote your conscience".

"I understand where they wanted to go". Let's just say this is the sort of risk aversion that falls well within the normal parameters of politically expedient behavior - the kind we all supposedly hate. "He made so many other good points that I think are unfortunately overshadowed now".

He also declared that, two days after Cruz was loudly booed at the Republican National Convention for not endorsing the new nominee, he would never accept the Texas senator's backing.

Cruz officials insist Trump should not have been surprised by what transpired. Ted Cruz. Cruz who today defended his position to refuse to endorse Trump.

Most of the Washington delegation attended a Wednesday event in which Cruz thanked them for their support, Fetters said. Calling the senator "an odious, greasy figure who doesn't have any of Reagan's warmth or likeability", Stone said that Cruz had jeopardized his future run for the White House.

Delegate would prefer Cruz not endorse Trump
Ill. delegates differ on impact of Cruz's convention speech

Law said he agreed with some of Trump's sentiment, although he believed Trump would ultimately back up allies that were invaded because "we're kind of an anti-injustice country".

Despite appearances from the other Trump son, our old pal Scott Walker, a pre-recorded Marco Rubio and what appeared to be a very talented sketch comedian workshopping a hilarious and freakish character called "Small Business Owner, Michelle Van Etten", the clear highlight of the evening was Old Meltyface himself, Ted Cruz.

When he took the stage, Cruz received passionate cheers and applause.

In the months that led up to the convention, Trump and Cruz were bitter rivals on the campaign trail. But delegates said Thursday it's time for him to get behind Trump, despite coming in second nationally. "I said 'no, your husband is wrong, '" Hutchison said.

Among the final people Cruz spoke to before taking the stage, according to Roe: Lt. Gov. Roe did not say what Cruz and Patrick discussed, and a Patrick spokesman did not respond to messages seeking comment. Or did Cruz have his Luke Skywalker moment? "We were in the hallway before we walked out", still discussing Cruz's remarks, Roe said.

Even delegates from Texas, Cruz's home state, were stunned. What shouldn't be lost in the kerfuffle is that the speech he gave was a well-delivered distillation of conservative ideas that went well beyond the strikes on Trump.

  • Joey Payne