Telltale's Batman Won't Let You Decided On Your Own

Telltale games is known for crafting adventure style games set in many diverse and interesting worlds such as The Walking Dead, Borderlands, Sam & Max and many more.

Telltale Games demonstrated crowd play at a venue near San Diego Comic-Con, where the audience could vote on the games' choices.

After turning on Crowd Play, a URL will be generated which the player shares with their audience, who can then enter the URL into a web browser and interact with the game.

"We wanted a better way to integrate that audience", Job Stauffer, head of creative communications at Telltale, told us.

Batman: The Telltale Series debuts in August with its first episode. Telltale confirmed that the mode was inspired by the behavior the studio has observed over the years, where people crowd around a screen and suggest what choice the player should make. Before beginning an episode, players can select Crowd Play, which will generate a URL in the same vein as Jackbox allowing for those in the room to cast their votes on a tablet or smartphone before decisions are made. In addition to that, there is two versions of this mode, one that lets people choose decisions for you, which means the choice with the highest percentage at the end of the voting wins, while the other gives the player the final call.

Crowd Play then offers two modes.

Telltale Games are a fixed story-telling experience that doesn't really seem to suit itself to multi-player in any shape or form, so you think those games would be safe.

Although this mode does sound like it's tailor-made for live streamers, Telltale has not yet commented if they will somehow be relaxing the time limitations that most of their games impose on decision making in order to compensate for the delay that most streaming platforms enforce on their streamers.

  • Fernando Stephens