Tim Tebow: Speaking slot at Trump convention 'a rumor'

Some Missouri delegates to the Republican National Convention are praising presidential candidate Donald Trump's decision for a running mate.

Correll accused the RNC of undermining efforts to challenge the rules, saying "the RNC, in collusion with the Trump campaign, faked a printer jam" in order to combat efforts to unbind delegates, referring to a delay at a Thursday Rules Committee proceeding that the chairman of the committee originally attributed to a technical malfunction. Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee, called the system rigged early on, and his opponents have demanded more power for delegates to select a fresh nominee and objected that states allow independents to vote in GOP primaries, which helped Trump. Graham has said he will not vote for Trump in November's election. But their efforts fizzled badly in the Rules Committee, which is dominated by members loyal to Republican Chairman Reince Priebus. The "minority report." as it's known, will allow them to be recognized on the floor of the convention.

Instead, Unruh is joining a related effort insisting that delegates can already vote their consciences under the current rules.

On Wednesday, The New York Times reported Tim Tebow was slated to speak at the Republican National Convention.

One proposal would have rewarded states that close their primaries or caucuses to non-Republicans. "When I compare what he believes in different important areas compared to Hillary Clinton, it's an obvious choice for me to support Donald Trump".

"I think it's wrong to not honor the clear, honest victor of our March 15 primary", said Kay Hoflander, of Higginsville, who originally supported Cruz but plans to fulfill her duty as a Trump delegate to the national convention. That's a safe assumption, though NBC News' report added that Colorado delegate Kendal Unruh, whose "Never Trump" activism enjoyed support from Sen.

"It's not about a person, it's about the future of this country", said Peña, "It's about the direction that we want this country to take?" The committee voted 87-12 for a rule that requires delegates to vote for the nomination of the candidate they've been pledged to.

Jean Turner of Gibsonburg has been an OH delegate to the Republican National Convention twice - in 2008 for John McCain and 2012 for Mitt Romney.

Lee said he wasn't abandoning hope, however.

Unruh's amendment became the focal point of furious lobbying that for weeks pitted conservatives against the Trump campaign and top leaders of the Republican Party.

"At least in Texas, we're still bound according to our primary vote under our party rules".

The national convention will be a "much different experience" than those at the state level, he said. "I think the idea was to try to streamline this process, make it more efficient, and find out if there was common ground".

  • Joey Payne