Trump blasts trade deals, departing from GOP orthodoxy

"If you believed that Donald Trump was going to be the nominee and you believed that Bernie Sanders was going to come close, please raise your hand", he said at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington, NBC News reported.

Clinton stayed relentlessly focused forward in Hollywood, where she answered questions Tuesday evening from a mostly millennial audience of Web entrepreneurs, and but for a brief comment on the Benghazi report, in Denver as well.

"My hope is that he is beginning to pivot and become what I would call a more serious and credible candidate for the highest office in the land", McConnell said.

When asked if he thinks the the United States should bring back waterboarding, Trump told the crowd, : "You have to fight fire with fire".

Politico's lead: "Donald Trump doubled down on economic populism and protectionism in a speech Tuesday, effectively taking conservative orthodoxy on free trade and tossing it onto the trash pile rising behind him".

Members of the British Parliament and other foreign politicians want off Donald Trump's email list, and are seeking to block the presidential candidate from asking them for campaign donations.

The area's congressman, Bill Johnson, R-Marietta, spoke glowingly of Trump, recommending his election to the "coal miners and hard workers that made America great in the first place".

Speaking at a campaign rally in St Clairsville, Ohio, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee characterised the Trans-Pacific Partnership - which the United States is part of - as "rape".

US election Donald Trump's son MP Natalie McGarry
A fundraising email from Donald Trump's son prompts a stern rebuke from MP Natalie McGarry

The speech, to be delivered in the heart of America's struggling rust belt, will stress a central premise of his campaign: that global free trade - a Republican Party staple for decades - has hurt American workers because deals have been negotiated poorly.

"The "Brexit" referendum, for better or for worse, is behind us", Dent said in a statement. "I used to be one of them", he said. At a rally in OH on Monday with U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a leading critic of trade deals, Clinton said if elected to the White House she would appoint a trade prosecutor to "end the abuse" of U.S. workers.

Trump is blasting existing free trade deals and reiterating his pledge to label China a currency manipulator.

Earlier on Tuesday, Sen.

"With all of his personal experience profiting from making products overseas, Trump's the ideal expert to talk about outsourcing", said Mr Brown, reciting a list of Mr Trump products, from suits to picture frames, that he said were made in other countries. And he stuck with that stand despite multiple opportunities to tone it down and acknowledge that banning people who follow one of the world's major religions and who live in scores of countries would be both unworkable and an affront to religious freedom. Those who launch businesses that provide social benefits would also be permitted to apply for forgiveness of up to $17,500 of their debt after five years.

In his Times article, Sanders said that American voters, like those who supported bolting the European Union, "are understandably angry and frustrated by the economic forces that are destroying the middle class". "We are going to take it back".

Neil Irwin, senior correspondent at The New York Times, weighed in on what each candidate had to say.

  • Rosalie Stanley