Turkey Begins 3-Month State Of Emergency As Crackdown Continues

Turkey's parliament formally approved a motion on Thursday establishing a three-month state of emergency in the country following last Friday's failed military coup.

The high cost of human lives of this awful night would only be a small fraction if the coup had succeeded, because its leaders would have terrorized the country in order to take control - and they would have realized that the only way to intimidate would be through massive slaughter.

Turkey to temporarily suspend European rights convention Turkey will follow France's example in suspending temporarily the European Convention on Human Rights following its declaration of a state of emergency, Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said on Thursday, according to broadcaster NTV.

Martial law, which might be declared for similar reasons, also imposes the suspension of ordinary law.

The Parliament on Thursday voted 356-115 to approve the three-month state of emergency.

Erdogan said he needs new powers to "rid the military of the virus of subversion".

So far, almost 10,000 people have been arrested while hundreds of schools have been closed. A total of 50,000 civil service employees has been fired in the purges, which have reached Turkey's national intelligence service and the prime minister's office.

Turkey, a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally that describes itself as a bridge between east and west, is truly at a crossroads, embarking on a path whose ultimate consequences may not even be entirely clear to the leader who has dominated the nation of 80 million for more than a decade.

"The lynching has started", said Beyza Ustun, an official of the Kurdish-led, People's Democratic Party. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday that Turkey must provide hard evidence that Gulen was behind the foiled coup if it wants him extradited, and that mere allegations of wrongdoing wouldn't suffice.

Simsek said that "standards of the European Court of Human Rights will be upheld", but didn't elaborate. We remain concerned about the safety and security of Turkish citizens and those in Turkey right now.

Not Released
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has filed an extradition request for Gulen

Turkey has been accused of waging a purge since last Friday's attempted coup in which thousands of military personnel and public officials have been detained or dismissed.

Turkey is very important to the United States battle against Islamic State militants.

He said it would be used to go after "rogue" elements within the state and that there would have been "carnage in the streets" had the military coup succeeded.

Any workers suspected of wrongdoing should undergo a formal investigation and the fight against coup plotters "should not be turned into a witch hunt", Ozev said.

At least 246 people, including members of the security forces and civilians, were martyred during the failed putsch and more than 1,500 others were wounded as they protested against it. "We will have a legal framework for it", he said.

Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

"This measure is in no way against democracy, the law and freedoms", he said.

The state of emergency will give the government sweeping powers to expand a crackdown that has already included mass arrests and the closure of hundreds of schools.

And some world leaders called on Erdogan to end the state of emergency as soon as possible.

German Foreign Minister Frank- Walter Steinmeier said on Thursday the state of emergency should only last as long as it's "absolutely necessary". Hai Do was the editor.

  • Joey Payne