Warriors President on Kevin Durant: 'There's No Commitment' Beyond Next Season

The relationship and curse has gone through a number of ebbs and flows, but B revealed that he lifted it when Durant decided he was going to the rapper's hometown squad.

However, the Based God's forgiveness is not unconditional. Definitely look out for me courtside.

Four years later, Durant agreed to play for the Golden State Warriors.

Welts answered, "There's no commitment from Kevin", Welts said. For context, know that Lil B frequently tweets in all caps and signs every tweet, and that the Based God is a deity of his devising. "Just from what I've seen, Kevin Durant has shown that he wants change". The Based God said the curse is over, so the curse is officially over.

"As for a sorry, I don't need one", he wrote. I think it's for the love of the sport. "And his heart is in the Bay Area". And now, the rapper - a Bay Area native - is welcoming Durant to Oakland with an open letter.

The offer for the one-on-one game is still on the table and Lil B says it's as much for the fans as for his own desires. If the people in their front office did not want to get their hopes up, it's because nothing like this has ever happened before.

They didn't know it for sure, because nobody knew how Durant would finally decide this, and what the final factors would be.

Now that Durant is on his Warriors squad, the hip-hop artist has taken the curse off the former NBA MVP. Just as far as going to the hole. "I think there was a lot of screaming and yelling going on in the Myers' cabin at that point in time". Their frontline, aside from Green is non-existent and they lost a combination of veterans and promising young players (Bogut, Ezeli, Barnes, Speights). Mike Conley has never played in an All Star game, never led his to the NBA Finals, he is not even the first nor second option on offense but yet he is the league's highest paid player.

Around the Warriors the last few weeks, the working idea has been that if they landed Durant, they would start the most lethal five in National Basketball Association history (theoretically): Durant, Curry, Klay Thompson, Green and Iguodala.

Welcome home, KD. Welcome home.

  • Joe Gonzales