Apple to Launch New Emojis as Part of Diversity Push

Also, there will be more options to the family section, so single parent emojis will soon be available and a new rainbow flag joining the flag department.

According to a CNN report, Apple will replace the "controversial" pistol emoji with a green water gun in the next iOS 10 upgrade.

The company says it wants to "ensure that popular emoji characters reflect the diversity of people everywhere". The robot is shinier, the pistol has become a water gun, and the poop emoji (for better or worse) remains the same. The new operating system will feature more than 100 new and redesigned emoji characters.

But gun control advocates have hailed the symbolic move as a step forward.

But one of the most obvious changes is the removal of the pistol emoji. Whereas the second public beta featured some enhanced 3D touch functionality and a number of other minor tweaks and fixes, the most recent iteration of iOS 10 packs in a new emoji lineup, new keyboard sounds and more.

Google announced two weeks ago that it would begin supporting the new gender equal emojis.

NBC 4 Washington reported a year ago a middle school student in Virginia faced charges for allegedly menacing her school using bomb, gun and knife emojis.

The Unicode Consortium is the body that monitors and approves new emoji before they are made available to technology firms such as Apple. In June, Unicode posed the idea of introducing a rifle emoji, but Apple was one of the leading companies against the design, Buzzfeed reported.

In France, a court sentenced a man to three months in prison for texting the pistol emoji to his ex-girlfriend after ruling the character could constitute a death threat.

The change won't happen immediately though, as the patch will only be rolled out to users when iOS 10 makes its appearance later this year.

  • Rosalie Stanley