Freddie Gray officers suing prosecutor Marilyn Mosby

Often prosecutors have been able to settle out of court by paying victims' families due to mistreatment.

Despite murder, assault, manslaughter and endangerment charges, three officers were acquitted by a judge.

In a fiery address to reporters Wednesday, Mosby said she still believes Gray's death was a homicide. It was an "agonizing" decision, she said, but "I must consider the dismal likelihood of conviction at this point".

"We could try this case 100 times, and cases just like it, and we would still end up with the same result".

"We're nowhere", Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, said.

Callan said he thinks the plaintiffs will argue that Mosby, an elected official, did become an investigator because of her belief that police were not properly pursuing the case and her desire to appease her political constituency.

Earlier this year, five of the officers filed defamation lawsuits against Mosby. This means that even though the death of Gray was ruled a homicide, no one will be held responsible for it and justice will never be served. Defense attorneys, however, said the state could not supply ample evidence to prove the officers' guilt.

University of Baltimore law professor David Jaros said the acquittals and dropped cases will embolden both Mosby's supporters and critics.

"We are pissed about the decision of the trials in the outcome of all the trials that have happened here in the city".

"It's sad that someone has to have lost their life and no one is being held accountable, but. we can't do what we did back in April (2015)", he said in reference to riots that wreaked havoc on Baltimore.

Evidence, he said, showed there was no wrongdoing. "She had her own agenda". Dishonoring Freddie Gray's life by denying him justice is an injury to us all and a threat to fairness and equality everywhere. "It gets it right", he said.

Charges against the last three police officers accused over the death of detainee Freddie Gray have been dropped.

"We knew the community would need a transparent assessment from an independent third party", the commissioner said.

Calling herself "not anti-police" but "anti-police brutality", Mosby went on to castigate police officers, without naming names, at length and in great detail.

The overall distrust continues among Baltimore residents, particularly in the west part of the city, but many hope the new police chief and an upcoming mayoral election could help turn things around, Burns said.

Gray's mother Gloria Darden accused officers of lying and laid the blame for her son's death at the door of police. His neck broke as the van tossed him around while he was shackled, resulting in the spine injury that lead to his death.

Miller was compelled to testify at Nero's trial under a limited form of immunity created to protect his constitutional right against self-incrimination while freeing him to speak about the events that transpired on the morning of Gray's arrest.

Ivan Bates, who represented Sgt. Alicia White, added, "it is the Baltimore city state's attorney's office that denied justice to the Gray family and to these officers".

A judge had previously acquitted three of the six officers who had been involved, which included the van driver and the highest ranking officer of those involved.

Three officers were found not guilty and a fourth case last week ended in a mistrial. After each blow to the prosecution's case, there was more criticism, and in light of today's decision to dismiss all of the remaining charges, it is likely that Mosby's detractors will be louder than ever. However, as CNN reports, they still face administrative reviews and possible discipline.

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