GOP frustrations with Trump mount as allies weigh options

"Neither Speaker Ryan nor anyone on his team has ever asked for Donald Trump's endorsement", said Zack Roday, Ryan's campaign spokesman. Given enough votes for Republicans in congressional races, it can be something effective that lets everyone go home happy, including the American people. "I can understand where he's coming from, but I don't always agree with it", he told Esquire magazine.

Vice presidential nominee Mike Pence stumped in Colorado Springs on Wednesday, less than a week after a visit from Donald Trump.

Republican leaders see a campaign imploding and are practically begging Trump to reign it in.

Donald Trump insisted to a packed audience in Florida Wednesday that the campaign has "never been so well united".

Scott Walker made clear where he stood in the feud between Trump and Ryan.

Ryan praised Trump's vice presidential nominee Mike Pence for being part of the conservative movement while serving in the House and how he fought against "the earmark machine" with him and supported his early budget blueprints.

The New York billionaire has been sharply criticised for his attacks on the bereaved parents of a US Muslim soldier killed in Iraq. John McCain - a day after the former prisoner of war said Trump did not have "unfettered license to defame those who are the best among us", and hours after Trump responded by telling The Washington Post he would not endorse McCain's re-election.

"He's more Christian and more conservative than Trump", supporter Karen Sifuentes said of Pence. "Mr Trump has appeared this week at crowds that are overflowing into the street". Officials say there is no mechanism for forcing him to withdraw his nomination (Trump has not given any indications that he no longer wants to be his party's nominee). Ryan has endorsed Trump, but has also been critical of some of his policy proposals and comments.

"Many pressures build up during the election campaign, and after the elections in a calmer, cooler atmosphere, positions are rethought, strategies are nuanced, and a certain balance is kept in the direction of the ship of state". I want to thank everyone for your tremendous support.

However, resonating to Trump's "well united" claim, his campaign chairman Paul Manafort suggested Wednesday on CNN that media exaggerated the frustration among Republicans. "The campaign is in very good shape".

He was deeply upset when GOP leaders "took the other side" during his quarrel with the Khans, one person said, and blames his staff for not keeping top Republicans in line.

The internal tension is complicated by Trump's frequent travels without his senior advisers and his adult children, who wield significant influence in the campaign, the people close to the campaign said. He didn't mention the spat with the Khans.

He says Trump, "strongly encouraged me to endorse Paul Ryan in next Tuesday's primary".

While stopping short of endorsing Mr Trump, Eastwood said he would vote for him.

Clint Eastwood said Mr Trump was "on to something" as an enemy of political correctness, adding: "Everybody's walking on eggshells".

If his poll numbers crash, and Republican politicians start worrying more about losing their own races in November than alienating their party's base, the Trump-coaster could career off the rails at last.

The campaign stop comes less than a week after Trump himself spoke to supporters at UCCS. That was less than the $90 million Clinton raised along with the national Democratic Party the same month, but it was a substantial bump from past months. Along with his proposed ban on Muslims, his plans have included building a wall along the Mexican border to keep out illegal immigrants and renegotiating trade agreements.

  • Rosalie Stanley