Gretchen Carlson 'Satisfied,' 'Validated' Over Fox News Chief's Removal

Ailes is to receive more than $40 million in payout from 21st Century Fox. Keep reading for the shocking claims.

According to a new report, yet another woman has come forward with allegations against former Fox News executive Roger Ailes. He asked her if she wanted to meet him for an interview while he was in Washington, D.C., and afterward he took her to dinner and then asked her for a ride to the airport. "You're going to find me 'Roger's Angels.' You're going to find me whores", she remembered him telling her.

She revealed that during one of her first meetings with the former Fox News chief in 1990, "He leans over and slips me the tongue and kisses me and hands me a wad of cash", New York Magazine details.

The pageant was created for girls and women with special needs and Carlson, in a press release Friday, says she feels it's important for girls to build self-esteem by challenging themselves.

"I've always wondered", she told him, "would the truth come out?" He had promoted Luhn to director of bookings, which gave her the authority to hire employees. Roger eventually changed her job position several times which caused her to have a nervous breakdown.

According to NY magazine, Luhn willingly participated in the lurid arrangement, taking every dollar of extra cash along the way, including a $3.15 million severance agreement she signed in 2011 that included iron-clad nondisclosure provisions. She says she's still to this day trying to recover from the mental and emotional scars from her years working for him. Ailes" spokeperson Susan Estrich said, "Roger denied these allegations in 2011 and he denies them now. "But I was at Fox a long time".

Luhn likened her experience with Ailes to "psychological torture", NY reported."He's a predator", she added. The settlement document, which Luhn showed me, bars her from going to court against Fox for the rest of her life.

Ailes, the founding CEO and chairman of Fox News, resigned under pressure last Thursday.

This week, Margaret Sullivan at the Washington Post asked Carlson what she felt when she learned about Ailes's ouster in an interview about the lawsuit.

"I think they are unfounded just based on what I've read". "I was happy to a certain extent over that".

Carlson and the other women are alleging that Ailes sexual harassed and assaulted them in recent decades, using sex as a tool to advance the women's careers. I know how it works. "Whether I am a insane person or not, I am reporting sexual harassment".

Van Susteren also said that her describing Carlson as "disgruntled" and "angry" was acceptable because Carlson had said she was "unhappy" while talking with Van Susteren 'a few years back when we both happened to be in London covering the same story'.

  • Marlene Weaver