Latest iOS 10 beta brings 100 new emoji with focus on equality

Ok, so we are uncertain at this time whether Apple will actually release the fourth beta of iOS 10 today, but if we are to go on events from iOS 9 past year, then it could also be today or tomorrow - although today, would be the most likely.

There are also many new emoji that didn't exist in previous releases for either gender, and all of them are available in a variety of different skin colors.

It's now been two weeks since iOS beta 3 was released to devs, and so looking at the release cycle, it's a good possibility that iOS 10 beta 4 will be released at some stage later today. Now, Apple has apparently gone forward on its own and included variations of those redesigned icons and a handful of new emoji as well. Durex has called for a condom emoji to make conversations about safe sex easier.

The macOS Sierra 10.12 Beta 4 (16A270f), iOS 10 Beta 4 (14A5322e), watchOS 3 Beta 4 (14S5302d), tvOS 10 Beta 4 (14T5308d), and Xcode 8 Beta 4 (8S188o) are all available as we speak from your Apple Developer account or directly from the official update channels of the respective operating systems.

This means you can finally have a female construction worker, weightlifter, police officer, or any other previously male-only emoji.

The update also adds new family characters, including a single mother and single father emoji.

Apple is working with the Unicode Consortium to ensure representation of diversity across emojis.

In an effort to promote gender equality, Apple has introduced more than 100 new emoji in the latest beta of iOS 10.

  • Fernando Stephens