Sexual harassment lawsuit ends Ailes's Fox tenure

The company said in a statement that the resignation was effective immediately and that Murdoch, 85, would take over the roles of chairman and acting chief executive of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.

"Our nation needs a robust Fox News to resonate from every corner of the country", Murdoch said in a statement.

"Roger shared my vision of a great and independent television organisation and executed it brilliantly over 20 great years". The move came a little more than two weeks after a former anchor, Gretchen Carlson, sued Ailes for sexual harassment; her allegations have been bolstered by reports from other women. But let's be clear on something: Even here, Fox News is proclaiming their fake populist message in the downfall of their corporate honcho.

Reacting to Ailes's resignation, the lawyer for Carlson, Nancy Erika Smith, released a statement that said, in part, "We hope that all businesses now understand that women will no longer tolerate sexual harassment and reputable companies will no longer shield those who abuse women".

And not just anybody is taking over - His long-time boss, billionaire Rupert Murdoch, will temporarily run the newsroom.

Carlson said her career was sabotaged after she refused Ailes' sexual advances.

Mr Murdoch, executive chairman of 21st Century Fox and a United States citizen since 1985, will remain in place until a replacement is found.

Murdoch owes everything to Ailes for the success of Fox News - a ratings and advertising revenue behemoth.

Ailes is reported to be in line for a $40m (£30.2m) settlement for walking away from the post, according to two people briefed on the matter, reported The New York Times.

Murdoch continued: "I am personally committed to ensuring that Fox News remains a distinctive, powerful voice".

Ailes, a Republican political operative who was the driving force behind the launch of Fox News Channel, had served as CEO since that network's founding twenty years ago.

Roger Ailes, 76, the visionary who created Fox News Channel and turned it into the leading voice of conservatism in America has resigned. "While Roger Ailes ultimately went down as a result of his heinous behavior, twelve years of Media Matters calling out his network for outrageous right-wing propaganda and ensuring that millions of people were aware of it in real-time certainly didn't hurt". [Bill] Shine, the senior programming executive, does not command the same level of respect from the Murdochs, while the former top news executive, Michael Clemente, was recently sidelined by Ailes.

  • Wendy Palmer