Victor Cruz jumps into Odell Beckham Jr and Norman Kindle refueled feud

"There are plenty of more days for camp". Without Beckham, the Giants offense would've been missing their most important player outside of Eli Manning.

"I have nothing to say because we are the hunted and not the hunter", Norman added, presumably making reference to Washington's status as the reigning NFC East champion.

Whenever you see a player walk gingerly after suffering a leg injury, you have to take note.

"Look, I mean, hey, it is what it is". It was just cool. Beckham said it was great to see how hard he works, even after winning National Basketball Association titles.

"I think he knows [he's a target]", said Cruz. "(I) got to the championship, blown out in my hometown. "Absolutely, you have everything you need to have a franchise and an organisation over here", Beckham Jr told Sky.

"I think as these days progress and as these days go on, that's the plan". So that was a championship taken from me.

"It's more, you're checking internally like, 'Am I OK?"

He smiled that Manning, his quarterback, no doubt probably wants Super Bowl number three so he can have bragging rights over his older brother Peyton once again, after Peyton won his second past year with the Denver Broncos before retiring.

Beckham limped to his post-practice news conference and said he bled a bit from Saturday's incident, but it blended in with his custom "Dexter" cleats, he said with a smile. At some point in time, whether it's this year, or years after it, we're kind of just paving the way for a London franchise and I truly feel blessed to be a part of this. "It's already hard enough to go to Philadelphia and beat them, to Dallas and beating them so I'm just looking forward to seeing what happens".

  • Aubrey Nash