Why The Original Xbox One Was So Goddamn Big

The Xbox One S, which releases today, comes with a number of new bells and whistles for fans of Microsoft's console. However, these claims were quickly shot down by Microsoft's senior director of product marketing and planning Albert Penello, who claimed that the architectural changes in the machine would have "literally no impact" on games performance. We also have details on Project Scorpio which will be the new 4K Xbox for 2017 and Xbox Play Anywhere, which is great news for Windows 10 users. You can also stream movies or TV shows in 4K Ultra HD with content from partners like Netflix available now. There's a tone of content on YouTube which can be found easily by searching 4K inside the app. But we're really excited to see all the new things the new console has to offer! For those who don't care about video or HDR, the price is just not worth it considering the fact that 500GB model of classic Xbox One is about $50 cheaper than Xbox One S with same storage size.

Although the new 2TB Xbox One S is sold-out pretty much wherever you look, you can still get your hands on the in demand machine, we can reveal. "The S is the Xbox One you know, but tailored for the future". The original Xbox One feels flimsy in comparison to the S's sturdy, highly engineered package.

The Xbox One S has only been made available publicly for a few days now, yet the team over at IFixIt have already taken their tools to the console. If you just want a basic console, the old variant of the Xbox One has been discounted to $249.

Xbox One S Netflix app requires app update to offer 4K hdr content support
The Xbox One S Netflix User interface

With all the biggest blockbusters this year, plus Xbox 360 backward compatibility titles, and the most advanced multiplayer network with new Xbox Live experiences launched last week, Xbox One S is the ultimate games and entertainment system - starting at $299 United States dollars.

More than 150 games are compatible as of this writing, with more regularly trickling on to the list. While this panel was fine on the first Xbox One, it is much better here by putting all the ports in a row and flush with the back cover. See, that's a beefed-up Xbox One with 6 teraflops of power, 4K gaming, and is expected to be the most powerful console ever released.

  • Joe Gonzales