Here's Mark Zuckerberg's internal Facebook memo about Peter Thiel and Donald Trump

With many high-profile Republicans withdrawing their support for Donald Trump in the wake of lewd comments the Presidential candidate made in 2005, the Trump campaign received a large and unexpected campaign donation from a high profile tech titan over the weekend.

Peter Thiel, the PayPal co-founder famous for recently killing the Gawker website, will donate $1.25 million to support Donald Trump's presidential campaign, according to multiple reports.

A board member of Facebook and a hedge fund manager, Thiel is one of few figureheads of the USA tech industry to support Trump, but this is to be his first donation to the Trump campaign, CNN said. Robert Mercer of Renaissance Technologies, has donated $15.5 million along with his daughter.

Though the Trump train has been chugging more slowly after a rash of revelations about his treatment of women, Thiel is giving $1.25 million to his campaign and super PACs supporting him, the New York Times first reported.

"Peter Thiel is attending and speaking at the RNC in his personal capacity". One makes inclusive public statements, one does the opposite, and so on. Los Angeles developer Geoffrey Palmer also donated $2 million.

Mr. Thiel, who spoke at the Republican National Convention, apparently is unfazed by the storm around the candidate in the last week following the broadcasting of lewd conversations recorded by the syndicated program "Access Hollywood". Some in the industry have called on Y Combinator to part ways with the billionaire investor - but president Sam Altman is refusing, while making clear that he personally finds Trump's views abhorrent.

The newspaper said a spokesman for Thiel declined to comment, and a spokesman for Trump's campaign did not immediately respond to a message for comment. Trump's financial support from the Valley has been scant, raising only $300,000 from tech companies, according to CrowdPac.

Thiel made billions by co-founding PayPal. It was reportedly the first time a gay speaker openly talked about his sexuality in the party's history.

Baker, who has always been vocal about Silicon Valley's diversity failings, tweeted: "Let no person who claims to give a damn about diversity and inclusion in one breath even begin to support & apologize for Thiel in another". "Americans get paid less today than 10 years ago", he said.

Even Pao said, "YC has cited many reasons for leaving Thiel in his current role, some of which we can understand".

He has become increasingly controversial, after news broke earlier this year that he had funded Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker, ultimately forcing the media company into bankruptcy.

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