Mike Pence and Tim Kane face off in VP debate

Testy exchanges and a almost constant flow of interruptions marked the first, and only, debate between vice-presidential contenders Sen.

Pence was in Rockingham one day after his showdown in Farmville with Senator Tim Kaine, the Democrats' nominee for Vice-President.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, an Illinois Republican who has refused to endorse Trump, told CNN's Wolf Blitzer Wednesday he would vote for Pence for president "in a heartbeat". Kaine chose an especially aggressive tone.

"I think it is really, really important that those of us who have deep faith lives don't feel like we can just substitute our views for everybody else in society regardless of their views", Kaine said.

Pence responded with serene head-shakes and mumbles of "that's nonsense", saying he was "happy to defend" Trump as a businessman rather than "a polished politician like you and Hillary Clinton".

Trump, meanwhile, was on the campaign trail, making several stops across Nevada.

Trump appeared to be attempting to move away from the controversial Russian leader following a series of statements in his campaign for the White House in which he praised Putin and said he thought they might get along well. "It really is remarkable". Kaine, who is Catholic and says he supports the church's opposition to the death penalty, oversaw 11 executions during his governorship. "What America saw was the arrogant and thin-skinned governor that inspired a Virginia Republican tidal wave in 2009", Kenney said. "It's the only explanation for the rise of Trump against the elites, and why Pence shined against Kaine's contrived scowling".

Trump celebrated a strong debate performance by Pence, the governor of IN, and said his running mate had won on style and on the issues. Palazzolo said Clinton "should not adopt Kaine's method of interrupting the opponent".

"There's been zero consideration from the moment he took that phone call from Donald Trump to anything beyond this election", Ayers said. "Trump is the issue". We do not love feeling like pawns or feeling like we don't get a say in this conversation.

Pence continued a post-debate bus tour into Pennsylvania Thursday, while Kaine campaigned in Nevada.

Others questioned Pence's performance, noting that Pence passed up numerous opportunities to defend his boss. And if Gov. Pence was a little more effective than Sen.

The Democratic nominee didn't rush to fill her schedule, favoring additional time to prepare for Sunday's debate. Palazzolo agreed, saying Trump "would benefit from being poised, articulate about public policy, and focused on specific problems with Clinton's email server and record as secretary of state".

Donald Trump is taking credit for Mike Pence's strong debate performance because it was "my first hire". A focus group of 26 undecided OH voters conducted for CBS by pollster Frank Luntz resoundingly named Pence the victor. That affected the tenor of the debate, he said.

Even some conservatives were talking after the debate about Pence and 2020.

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has shrugged off allegations that he would be too close to Vladimir Putin if elected, saying he was unsure of his relationship with the Russian President.

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