Donald Trump Blasts China on Twitter, Calls Latest Move 'Unpresidented'

The President-elect was commenting on the story about China stealing a drone from the US Navy.

The grammar police on Saturday trolled President-elect Donald Trump for misspelling the word "unprecedented" as "unpresidented", in a tweet about China taking a Navy drone in global waters.

He's since deleted the tweet and re-posted it with the correct spelling.

In a total disregard for global diplomacy, the President-elect took to Twitter to air his views on the Chinese warship which seized an underwater drone in the South China Sea belonging to the U.S, The Independent reports.

On Saturday morning, China was on the receiving end of Trump's wrath, but this particular tweet would have been much more effective if he had used autocorrect.

The Harry Potter author wasn't alone in quickly noticing the president-elect's spelling error.

"Good morning! The #WordOfTheDayis.not "unpresidented". The #WordOfTheDay is... not 'unpresidented.' We don't enter that word. "That's a new one", the company tweeted. A new hashtag #unpresidented has popped up on the social media site and people are ripping Trump left and right cracking jokes about the gaffe.

  • Marlene Weaver