Prince Harry, Rihanna take HIV test on World Aids Day

Well, maybe not in the romantic way you might hope, but they've definitely spent some time together this week.

The prince had persuaded Rihanna, 28, to take the test with him when they attended a concert celebrating Barbados' 50th anniversary on Wednesday night, according to reports.

After fans realized how ideal they were for each other, people began hoping and wishing for them to date. But he has Taylor Swift - he'll be fine!

Harry and Rihanna stopped at a makeshift barber shop set up in a small marquee, where one man was having a shave.

To raise awareness of HIV on World AIDS Day, Rihanna and Prince Harry had their blood tested for HIV yesterday. And I can't believe I didn't know. Well, it's very necessary, people! The prince took a public HIV test this summer as part of a campaign to raise public awareness.

Prince Harry still has a thing about needles.

That was not bad! "I don't think people are aware of how much progress has been made with the fight against HIV and AIDS and the more we get the word out there I think the better", Rihanna added.

She's so admirable... so strong.

The pair both got tested for HIV to show folks how easy it is, although Harry winced through his finger prick.

Soldiers stand in line as Harry's plane takes off.

He sent his security...

"If you are positive and you catch it soon enough, you can take medication and have a completely normal life with your loved ones".

It's an opportunity that anybody in my position would have asked her to do.
The two celebrities tested negative after undergoing HIV tests in Bridgetown, Barbados to underscore World AIDS Day.

Here's their interview with BBC News.

. Are they BFFs? Do they KNOW how high their collective cool factor is?!

  • Aubrey Nash