Chinese New Year 2017: Year of the Rooster do's and don'ts

People who really want to make changes can make them any day of the year, whether it be the Jewish New Year, the Chinese New Year or any day that suits them.

TENS of thousands of people wearing thick coats and clutching suitcases braved freezing conditions at Beijing Railway Station in the hope of bagging a ticket home for the Chinese New Year.

The New Year, the new calendar and new days are a brand new opportunity to start a brand new life and to become a much better person.

Of course, there's tons of events in between, like dumpling workshops and lantern-making at the China Institute, tons of free cultural performances like classical and modern Chinese music and a traditional marionette show this Sunday on the Upper East Side, learning about the rooster plus Asian artisans at the American Museum of Natural History and many neighborhood parades in Flushing, Staten Island and Queens.

Sheffield father of three Alex Zhao owner of award-winning T's Chinese Restaurant, said Chinese new year is massive.

Beijing makes 'no fireworks' plea amid smog concerns

The goal of the lion dance is for performers to chase away bad luck in the lion costume, while simultaneously granting good luck to the family or establishment, Lai said.

"Every train station, every airport, every bus stop will be jam-packed with millions of people, trying to migrate back to their hometown to share the Chinese New Year's Eve with family", Lai said. Hence, it's a fire rooster year, with soothsayers claiming it could be a year of travails true to the traits of the rooster. Open the doors and windows at midnight to send out the old year and welcome the new. It is customary to be done with haircuts and such before the new year - again, you could lop off some of your good fortune with that precious lock of hair, and nobody plans to tempt fate any time soon. A bird known for its hard work and diligence, the rooster is a fitting mascot for a year when we'll be facing some of the biggest battles of our time. They also wish for prosperity and happiness in the coming year. "We are seeing a Chinese tourism boom and we know that this route will bring a lot of new tourists into this country", said Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

Home and family are the core principles of the Chinese New Year.

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