DeVos suggests guns in school to protect kids from grizzlies

"She didn't demonstrate as much knowledge on key issues as we would have expected, but you can write that off to nerves". Mrs. DeVos has also personally mentored at-risk children in public schools.

When asked about protecting civil rights of students with disabilities, DeVos said she favored that be in control of local government.

Some senators even questioned her merit. She said states should decide school gun policies.

"Over the course of her career as a major campaign contributor, soft-money donor, and lobbyist, DeVos has used her considerable wealth to influence legislation and the outcomes of elections to advance policies that have undermined public education and proved harmful to many of our most vulnerable students", the letter said.

An example of Democrats' concern came when DeVos stumbled on a question by Sen.

The Springfield Education Assocition is the union representing Springfield teachers.

Alexander himself faced criticism from fellow senators for rules he implemented before the hearing, to which he said that DeVos spent 90 minutes longer in front of the committee than any of President Barack Obama's nominees.

On science: Some critics have questioned DeVos's commitment to fact-based science education because of her past support for Republicans who have denied that climate change exists and who voted for bills that bar the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases.

Kaine said he looked for evidence that Price, a surgeon and former professor at Emory University School of Medicine, supports a "broad health care safety net" and "I just really can't find the evidence there".

"She said, 'Well wait a minute".

And the idea that we are going to potentially put somebody into the Department of Education who believes that it's okay for guns to be in our schools, for teachers to be armed, boy, I think that sends shivers down the spine of nearly every parent in this country. Chris Murphy about whether guns should be allowed in or around public schools.

For me, her nomination is the right hook that followed the gut punch of Trump becoming our Commander-in-Chief. There have been zero school grizzly bear attacks since 2013.

What pains me about DeVos' nomination is the message it sends about the value of public education, and my profession in general, to this new administration. She says that in states like Wyoming where remote areas have grizzly bears, schools should have guns to protect against bears.

"Senator Franken, I've never believed in that", DeVos answered. She helped design the Detroit charter school system. It's up to the authorizer to ensure the charter school is making good on its actual charter; if the school isn't passing muster, the authorizer can pull the charter and close the school.

On how student progress should be measured: What should matter more, that a third-grader who arrived at school at a first-grade reading level is now at second-grade level, or that the student failed the third-grade test? The Journal writes, "About 1,400 D.C. students this year received scholarships to attend private schools". But when Minnesota Sen.

DeVos' mother, Elsa Prince Broekhuizen, has donated to anti-marriage equality campaigns in California and MI and served on the boards of anti-equality groups such as Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council (FRC), which her deceased first husband, Edgar Prince, co-founded.

  • Aubrey Nash