Usain Bolt Can No Longer Be Called A 'Triple-Triple' Olympic Winner

Usain Bolt has lost one of his Olympic gold medals, though he didn't commit any violations.

"Nesta Carter, 31, of Jamaica, competing in the men's 4x100m relay event (round 1 and final) in which he and his teammates ranked first and for which they were awarded the gold medal, has been disqualified from the Olympic Games Beijing 2008".

Carter was part of the 2008 squad, running the opening leg.

As a result of the Jamaican team being stripped of their gold medals, the second-place Trinidad and Tobago team is likely to be awarded the gold from 2008, while third-place Japan will probably be given the silver and Brazil will receive the bronze.

Carter was found to have stimulant methylhexaneamine in his system when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) retested 454 doping samples past year. Methylhexaneamine was found in his sample, and the International Olympic Committee has retrospectively found him guilty.

The IOC reclassified the drug as a "specified" substance in 2011, enabling violators to seek reduce punishments if they could prove they didn't use it to enhance performance. This means Bolt did not win three gold medals in three consecutive Olympics - no matter what your memories tell you.

Teammates Asafa Powell, a former world-record holder himself, and Michael Frater must return their medals from the event, as well. Bolt, however, said that he was willing to give back his gold medal if ever Carter's test proved to be positive.

Not only will Bolt get paid for each medal he earned (there is no word about whether Bolt also has to return the cash for the medal in question), and is considered a huge superstar in Jamaica, and much of the rest of the world.

Upon receiving the news, Bolt commented that this is sad, not just for himself, but for the team. Russian track and field star Tatiana Lebedeva has now tested positive in the 2008 games for the prohibited substance dehydrochlormethyltestosterone, a steroid.

  • Joey Payne