All flights canceled at New York's JFK airport due to snowstorm

Anticipating the bad weather, airlines have canceled thousands of flights as a precaution.

According to forecasters, the storm is expected to wrap up around 2 p.m. ET.

For what it's worth, the storm is expected to fade by the end of Thursday, Feb. 9, which means you won't have to worry about it mucking up your travel plans for very long.

Several flights leaving Norfolk International Airport to Northeastern cities are canceled or delayed as a storm bears down on the region.

A winter storm warning was in effect for New York City from midnight to noon Thursday, and near-blizzard conditions could be seen along the state's coast, the governor's office said.

NEWARK-The snowstorm that swept across the Northeast on Thursday all but shut down the region's airports, causing a bottleneck that stretched across the nation.

FOX6 News counted six scheduled to depart from Mitchell Airport to the northeast were cancelled Thursday, February 9th.

In New York, America's most populous city, Mayor Bill de Blasio urged people to stay home and keep off the roads. Meteorologists say high winds and blowing snow will reduce visibility in Nassau and Suffolk counties. The area is expected to get somewhere between 3 and 6 inches by Thursday night. A major winter storm is going to deliver up to a foot of snow for many communities.

More than 100 crashes were reported during the morning commute in New Jersey, and the snowfall is expected to continue into the evening rush hour, at least in Boston. Niko comes on the heels of a freezing winter storm in early January which struck the continental United States.

Delta Airlines: Delta and its partner KLM are waiving change fees until February 12 on flights to and from 24 airports along the East Coast, but you can not have already checked in for your flight.

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