AMD Announces Ryzen 7 1800X, 1700X, and 1700 CPUs for High-End Desktops

Ryzen is the initial step in a potential turnaround for AMD. Now the chipsets are finally available for pre-order.

Starting today you can preorder the processors and motherboards with full availability next week March 2nd. In Sonoma AMD showed off some games and Ryzen was really close to Intel's 6900K while using less energy. We'll do our best! AMD is also planning to launch a new cooling solution, the Wraith Spire, for those who happen to want a first-party path to improved cooling. "On March 2, enthusiasts and gamers around the world will experience "Zen" in action, as we launch our Ryzen 7 family of processors and reinvigorate the desktop computing market".

The company has not released the launch date and price details for mid-range Ryzen 5 and low-range Ryzen 3 but the tentative timeline seems to be end of this year. More notably for many buyers, the 1700 will retail at $329, offering a 3.0GHz base clock and 3.7GHz turbo.

To start things off, AMD is launching three Ryzen 7 CPUs, with each one sporting eight cores and 16 threads and supporting overclocking.

What, not 40% IPC? Instead, AMD ended up with 52% more instructions per cycle.

Anderson said "Take a look at the PC market over the last two or three years - it's starved for innovation and it has really stagnated,". While independent benchmarking is not yet available (or allowed by AMD), AMD did come prepared with numerous benchmarks via live demonstrations.

This is something we will need to test in due course! Despite boasting eight cores for a total of sixteen threads, the chip costs just $499. Through previous announcements we've examined parts of the microarchitecture including cache sizes, threading, front-end/back-end design, and so on. We were told that AMD's roadmap extends into the multi-year range, so while the focus for 2017 will be on this family of products, back at headquarters the next two generations are in various stages of development. (AMD) are forecasted by the analysts to move at -$0.04 in current quarter, from -$0.12 a year-ago quarter.

Considering the price tag of AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, just $499, it is truly an fantastic feat seeing AMD launch an 8-core 16 thread processor that performs even better than Intel's Core i7 6900K at half the price. The Ryzen 7 1700X is priced at Rs. 29,499 in India ($399 in US) and the Ryzen 7 1700 will cost Rs. 24,499 ($319 in the US) - each roughly $25 less expensive than Intel's Core i7-6800K and Core i7-770K, which they are positioned against.

  • Fernando Stephens