DHS Head John Kelly Announces Timetable, Plan of Attack for Trump's Wall

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said on Thursday he hoped to have a wall along the southern USA border with Mexico finished within two years, according to an interview with Fox News.

Kelly also addressed previous media reports that hinted that he did not know about Trump's executive order that temporarily banned refugees from entering the US until the president signed it last Friday. On Monday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said just over 100 people were "temporarily inconvenienced".

Department of Public Safety officials in Texas report that the nation's unsecured southern border is enticing Islamic extremists plotting terror attacks on USA citizens.

Trump suggested in a Tweet Thursday morning that a meeting scheduled for early next week with Nieto should be nixed if the Mexican president did not agree to pay for the wall.

"She said, 'take it, your whole life, our whole life, the Kelly family is a life of service'".

Even some Republican representatives from Texas, however, have expressed discontent about the border wall. "I think that alone would act as a huge deterrent for people who are considering making the trip up", he said.

The cost of the wall has been estimated between $8 million and $15 billion, CNBC reported.

It was Kelly's first visit to the border since being tapped to lead one of the largest government agencies in the country.

Details concerning the proposed U.S. -Mexico border wall are still scarce (such as who will pay for it and if it will ever be constructed) but the newest revelations from Kelly are interesting, to say the least.

"It will be built where it's needed most first, and then filled in. that's another - that's how I'm looking at it", Kelly said.

The administration still faces the challenge of paying for the wall, which independent estimates peg in the tens of billions.

"The point is, [Trump] has a promise that he made to the American people to secure our border".

Kelly, who was traveling Wednesday along the U.S.

Mr Kelly said that getting funding for the project won't be an issue.

  • Joe Gonzales