Facebook introduces weather-focused features for its website and mobile apps

Facebook's new app will tell you what the weather is like outside while you're obsessing over the latest on social media. The feature is an expansion of the previous "weather greetings" that appeared on the Facebook mobile app beginning about a year ago, which include succinct time-of-day greetings along with a stock forecast message. Interestingly, the weather update would be forecasted by Weather.com.

The heading of the section includes doodles that change depending on the weather, alongside the current temperature, high and low estimates for the day, and a one-to-three sentence summation of the present forecast. Facebook will soon be rolling out the weather feature for the desktop version. Weather forecasts are now available to around 95 percent of Facebook users globally, on both mobile and desktop. However, for the users who just want to know the weather in their region, Facebook's weather section could solve the goal without taking storage space like standalone weather apps. Needless to say, the forecast is displayed only after users enable location services. Considering that delighted users stay in the app longer, we'd say that no matter how you slice it, Facebook is trying to get stickier with its mobile app.

Fortunately, it's somewhat easy to go directly to that weather information, that is if you have Facebook on your smartphone.

Now you can order food from restaurants directly from their Facebook Page if they're signed up to Delivery.com or Slice. The menu also consists new Facebook pilot feature such as public WiFi finder. For example, I can access it on Android - it's located in the hamburger More menu (upper right corner) in the app, and listed under "Apps". Facebook has been playing around with the concept of weather related information for quite a while. They'll get back to you on Messenger to confirm your appointment.

  • Aubrey Nash