Facebook Lite crosses the 200 million users mark

Facebook, the ever-growing social media giant, has doubled its number of users for its bare-bones product Facebook Lite in less than a year and serves 200 million monthly active users.

Facebook Lite was developed to provide the optimum Facebook experience for users in areas with slow internet connections, or with low end devices or limited internet packages. The app supports 55 languages now and the tech giant is in plans to extend the low-end app services to more countries including Israel, Italy, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates.

Facebook has also announced that Lite will head to South Korea, the UAE, Italy and Israel in its next phase, with more countries included at a later date. The app is essentially built as lighter variety of Facebook takes up less space with just 252Kb in size unlike regular version, flawless for devices that have a lot less RAM.

"We built a light version of Facebook for people with low bandwidth internet, "says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg". The app itself is less than 1MB in size and supports Android devices on Android 2.3 and above. Over the years, it has been updated with features that bring it closer to the main app without compromising on the data saving ability. Facebook Lite was initially launched in India and the Philippines, but the app made its way to multiple other countries. Sandberg pointed out that Facebook Lite is especially helping out those business users who are in countries that are mobile first or mobile only. Users can do the usual Facebook tasks such as liking, commenting and sharing posts.

Facebook's investment in the developing world is paying off. The company plans to continue the rollout to more nations. Now it has done the same again to reach 200 million users under a year.

  • Joe Gonzales