Instagram finally supports sharing multiple photos and videos in one post

Picture and video sharing app Instagram is adding a new feature today, giving you one more way to share your visual media on the app. Subscribers to Instagram can now include more than one picture or video in a post. Users can choose up to 10, re-order the set by long-pressing on individual photos and dragging and by using batch-apply filters. These posts have a single caption and are square-only for now.

To distinguish these new carousel-like posts from standard posts, Instagram has added an icon within your profile feed to denote that there are more images within the post. In feed, four blue dots across the bottom of the post let you know you can swipe to see more.

First in foremost, users must update to the latest version of Instagram to get the feature.

This feature is now rolling out on Android and iPhone, so keep an eye out for an update. Only seven months have past since the photo app introduced Instagram Stories, its Snapchat-inspired feature that lets you share moments of your day. Up to 10 images and videos can be uploaded at one time.

That was one of the key reasons Instagram launched Stories, the photo and video montages that disappear after 24 hours.

Following up on its test a couple of weeks ago, Instagram is making a major change to its platform: you can now share multiple images in a single post. Tap that and you'll then be able to pick up to nine other photos or videos to put in the post.

For many Instagram users with large followings, finding the flawless photograph to share can feel like feeding an insatiable beast.

Instagram's new photo albums are going to dramatically increase the amount of time people spend in Instagram.

When you are satisfied with how your selected photos look and are ready to post the images, just tap next and add in description for your similar to what you used to do for one image.

This will open you camera roll in the traditional way, and you can select up to photos and videos.

  • Joe Gonzales