Mark Cuban 'not smart enough to run for president — Trump Twitter tantrum

But Cuban's not really sure why.

"And when something like that happens, it calls into question the management skills of the guy in charge", CNN had earlier quoted Cuban as saying in reference to rollout of the Trump's immigration ban.

Cuban eventually came out in support of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Sherrod Brown and Chris Murphy, as well as Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, as possible opponents to Trump in 2020, but stressed that Cuban posed the biggest perceived threat. When asked by a Twitter user, Cuban didn't have an answer.

Responding in kind, Cuban first retweeted Trump's Sunday outburst with a curt "LOL", but later brought up a back and forth he had with Trump in March of previous year. Trump has also tweeted that "nobody loves" Cuban, who took plenty more jabs at Trump.

Mark Cuban and Donald Trump keep finding one another on Twitter.

Allison Carter is Facebook editor at IndyStar.

"It's a tough situation for CEOs", Cuban said to The Star-Telegram. "You don't have to bore people with details but you have to learn the details". "You want to make nice with the president because you're a public company and you have shareholders, and it's hard to balance doing the right financial thing versus doing what they think is the right thing, whatever your political beliefs are". The Dallas Mavericks owner told the San Jose Mercury News, "I agree with the description is you remove the "et" from asset".

"When you say there is a bubble, it sounds like you are winging it", Cuban wrote. Everyone else is afraid of you.

  • Joe Gonzales