Melania Trump sues the Daily Mail over escort service claim

First Lady Melania Trump has filed a third lawsuit against The Daily Mail for defamation after the site published a story alleging Mrs. Trump had been an "escort" at one time.

"The First Lady has no intention of using her position for profit and will not do so".

Trump had previously filed the lawsuit against Mail Media Maryland, but a judge earlier this month ruled the case shouldn't be filed in Maryland and dismissed it.

"The economic damage to Plaintiff's brand, and licensing, marketing and endorsement opportunities caused by the publication of Mail Online's defamatory article, is multiple millions of dollars", the lawsuit says.

Both the Daily Mail and Tarpley retracted their posts in late August after they were contacted by Trump's attorneys.

Maryland-based blogger Webster Tarpley lobbed the allegations in an August 2 post to his website,, but issued a retraction and apology on August 22.

The family affair that is President Donald Trump's war on the press kicked into high gear Tuesday as an attorney for the first lady announced a "substantial settlement" with the blogger who already apologized for calling it "widely known that Melania was not a working model but rather a high-end escort".

Mrs Trump is suing the corporation that publishes the Daily Mail's website in NY for $150 million for reporting rumours that she worked as an escort.

So to Trump, her time as first lady was the ideal time to expand her brand and making more millions.

The new suit comes as Melania Trump continues to avoid the spotlight, taking an unusually low-profile approach thus far to her role as first lady.

It places the value of the lost business opportunities at $150 million.

The Trump family has faced questions about its business interests.

Tarpley, 71, previously stated in a blog post previous year that the defamation suit was "without merit", but in August, he retracted his original story, writing that although he did not start the rumors about Melania Trump, he should have kept "a healthy distance between innuendo and fact".

She is living in NY while her son Barron finishes the school year.

Neither the White House nor Melania's lawyer, Charles Harder, have issued a public statement regarding the suit.

  • Joey Payne