Missouri Gov. Greitens Signs Right to Work Legislation Into Law

The reason for the ceremony: After a decades-long push from Republicans and businesses, the Show-Me State became the 28th state to enact a right-to-work law.

Jefferson City, MO (KTRS) Missouri is now a right to work state.

Eric Greitens was inaugurated in January, it opened the floodgates for GOP-backed bills dealing with unions that faced vetoes under his Democratic predecessor, Jay Nixon. Unions, who more typically back Democrats, contend the inability to collect dues keeps them from bargaining for important rights and benefits for their workers and curbs their political influence. A third signing is planned at Greitens' office Monday afternoon. That's a trend that Missouri does not need to see.

"Right-to-work states, like SC, have seen first-hand that job creation and economic growth comes from expanded freedoms".

House Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty criticized Greitens' decision to sign the bill in two abandoned factories in Poplar Bluff and Springfield, cities with relatively little union presence.

"Right-to-work means right-to-work for less", said downstate ex-state Sen. Immediately after Greitens signed the legislation, the Missouri chapters of the AFL-CIO and NAACP filed paperwork to put right to work on the 2018 ballot.

Greitens says right-to-work is a simple measure.

Though overall data is inconclusive, a 2015 study by The Institute for Research on Labor and Employment discovered the average employee pay to be higher in non-right-to-work states.

"I'm thinking about Missouri families, especially union families, that will benefit from this".

Missouri's new right-to-work law does not apply to federal employers and employees, nor to employers and employees covered by the federal Railway Labor Act.

Throughout his campaign, Greitens voiced his support for right-to-work.

"As the ranks of Right to Work states continue to grow, states without protections for employees against forced union dues risk being left behind", Semmens said. Unions have criticized the law for infringing on the right to freedom of association, while proponents say it provides economic prosperity and gives workers more rights in the workplace.

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