Pokemon Go to Add 80 New Pokemon This Week

These new Pokemon come from the region of Pokemon Gold and Silver's Johto, bringing the likes of Totodile, Cyndaquil, and Chikorita. And though it's very late (maybe even too late), Niantic is now updating the game with more features.

Ever since the launch of the game, people have been hounding Niantic for details regarding the next generation of Pokemon. The Nanab Berry will slow Pokemon down, so they're less likely to run away while you're attempting to catch them, while the Pinap Berry lets players collect twice as much candy when they do catch a Pokemon during an encounter. Trainers can share their newly captured Pokemon on twitter by using the official hastag PokemonGO.

New berries will also be added to help trainers catch Pokemon.

A splashy new video debuted online today that confirms long-held rumours that Pokemon GO is getting a pretty big expansion. While some were hoping to see generation 2 Pokemon into the game in the near future, say, first half of 2017, not many were expecting the bomb that Niantic had prepared for its Pokemon savvy community. Evidently, there's still a hardcore group of players out there who are still addicted and still wandering the streets to pick up Pokemon. Pokemon will react in new and exciting ways during encounters. You'll be able to get them from Pokestops, in the same way as you'd collect other items such as lures, eggs and Pokeballs. They are also adding new items carousels to the screen too. "Additional items will be available for purchase from the in-game Pokemon Go shop".

According to the report, the Gen II "Pokemon GO" update will be released all at once.

New customization options, which you might need to pay for.

Needless to mention, fans of the game are rather excited about the new update.

  • Joe Gonzales