The very first Apple Watch Series 3 details may have just leaked

If this is the case, then the supplier could ultimately step away from the production of touch panels for the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 3 may come with a new display material. Previously, athletes had to simultaneously carry their smart phone in order to record to Strava, but the new app will allow users l advantage of the Apple watch's hardware capabilities by recording their workouts and heart rate data without their iOS device. "The difficulty in raising yield rates for [touch on lens] panels comes from the curved surface of Apple Watch screens that complicate the manufacturing for touch sensors, the sources said, adding the low yield rates resulted in losses for the company in 2016", according to DigiTimes. And now, recent reports revealed that the impending Apple Watch Series 3 will be the first one to feature such touchscreen.

Starting this week, those who already have Strava installed on their iPhones can update to the latest version to get its functionality on the Apple Watch as well.

The new support in version 5.13.0 makes full use of the built-in Global Positioning System found in the second-generation Apple Watch, meaning users of the app no longer have to be tethered to iOS to track their workouts.

It's not clear if the article is referring to panels for new models of the existing Apple Watch Series 2 (launched last year), or for an unannounced Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple launched the Apple Watch series 2 previous year along with the new iPhones.

While there have been countless leaks and rumors about the 10th anniversary iPhone 8, leaks on the next-gen Apple Watch are few and far between. In turn, Apple is considering a new display technology for the upcoming third-generation smartwatch. This feature may be used in the strap of the Apple smartwatch. Normal use saw the battery life extended to 18 hours. The Series 3 Watch would be manufactured by Quanta, the same company responsible for the original and current Watch models.

  • Joe Gonzales