Today in School, Betsy DeVos and Her Antagonists Learned About Metaphors

DeVos attempted to visit Jefferson Middle School in southwest Washington D.C. this morning but WJLA-TV reports that protestors physically blocked her from entering.

Betsy DeVos quickly gave up and left after she was met by a few protesters outside a Washington, D.C., school.

Is this tolerant and inclusive? "And we do not want any of our schools to become experiments of privatization schemes". To save our public schools! Why?

The Senate confirmed DeVos on Tuesday to lead the Department of Education after Vice President Pence cast a tie-breaking vote, the first time ever a vice president has done so for a Cabinet nominee.

"She's an opponent to public education, i've always been an advocate to more public education not less", said Campbell.

Betsy DeVos to arrive in less than 30 min. Parents and retired teachers now walking to front door of Jefferson Middle in SW, DC.

DeVos has previously worked to promote charter schools and school voucher programs, which her critics say would hurt public schools.

"I want to support our local public schools, make sure that everybody gets fair treatment under the system and I don't feel like that's where we are headed with our new education person", Ms Ibrahim said.

Several protesters awaited to call out her appointment to the post.

During her confirmation hearings, DeVos was questioned about her views on civil rights and how she would instill equal education in public schools. Susan Collins' earlier vote in committee in support of DeVos's nomination was one of the deciding votes in allowing the controversial billionaire's confirmation to move on to a vote in the full Senate.

"I am naively optimistic that she will be a champion for students and parents, and hopefully she'll understand the role public education plays in that" said Payne.

Senator Jerry Moran issued a press release February 1 after meeting personally with DeVos, explaining his intention to vote "yes" on her confirmation.

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