Trump blasts Australian PM, hangs up on him

But a fuming President Trump reportedly told Mr Turnbull the conversation was "the worst call by far" he had taken that day and accused the Prime Minister of looking to ship off the "next Boston bombers" to the US.

The phone call was ended by Trump after Turnbull reportedly suggested they talk about foreign affairs, including the Syrian conflict.

But according to The Washington Post, Trump accused Australia of trying to send the US a new wave of "Boston Bombers". However, when it comes to approaching the resettlement deal itself, I would hope we could shift our gaze away from the people of Australia and back towards the refugees themselves.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters that the refugees would undergo enhanced screening created to reduce the terrorist threat to the United States.

"There will be extreme vetting applied to all of them", the White House spokesman said on Tuesday. "I will study this dumb deal!", Mr Trump tweeted. According to the Washington Post, the call was meant to last an hour, but Trump abruptly ended it after 25 minutes. He described Australia as a "very essential ally", but added that it's important for leaders of two countries to have candid and private conversations with one another.

The Obama administration previously agreed to take in 1,250 refugees from Australia's Pacific island camps.

Turnbull was attempting to confirm that the United States would honor its pledge to take in 1,250 refugees from an Australian detention center, according to the Post.

In addition, Trump has spoken with the Mexican President and suggested - according to a transcript seen by the Associated Press - that the U.S. military could take over the job of sorting out Mexico's drug cartels.

According to a transcript of the conversation that emerged last night, Mr Trump warned that he was willing to send in United States troops to control the "bad hombres down there". "This was just re-confirmed to the State Department from the WH [White House] and on to this embassy at 1315 Canberra time".

Speaking of phone calls, the Associated Press reported that Trump told Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto that he might send USA troops into the country over its gang problem.

But Trump's Tweet does seem to contradict Turnbull's unwavering certainty about the refugee deal.

A day earlier Trump had signed an executive order temporarily blocking all refugees from entering the United States.

"In short, Australia is one of America's oldest friends and staunchest allies", McCain wrote in a statement.

Prime Minister Turnbull refused to comment on the phone call, but claimed the two countries would go ahead with the refugee agreement as it was planned. "My job as prime minister is to stand up for Australia's interests... what I don't do is indulge in public commentary".

  • Wendy Palmer