Bears player calls Hernandez 'my guy' at double-murder trial

Yes, Thompson is testifying in a trial and is under oath and is simply trying to describe his relationship with Hernandez, but hearing that he's giving Hernandez friendly head nods and calling him "my guy" probably isn't the best plan. Thompson and Hernandez were classmates at the University of Florida.

On cross-examination by Hernandez attorney Jose Baez, Crawford said he was also having trouble remembering the events of early February 2013.

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is accused of shooting and killing Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in June 2012.

Thompson said he and Hernandez spent a lot of time hanging out during their three years together at Florida, and they remained friendly but rarely saw each other once they were both in the NFL.

He said he didn't ask what happened to Bradley, but testified everyone else the remained in the SUV were acting "normal".

On Monday, prosecutors claim that a heated argument between Hernandez and Bradley about the double homicide led to Bradley being shot by Hernandez.

Crawford was back on the stand on Tuesday.

Also testifying Tuesday was Je'rrelle Pierre, who was said to have been driving the vehicle when Hernandez allegedly shot Bradley.

Before you go rushing to conclusions that Aaron Hernandez is going to get out of jail, start working out, and join the Patriots again, let's just put those images to bed, and quick. But the defense argued that Crawford felt pressured by police when asked about what he remembered.

The prosecution and Judge Locke became frustrated with Crawford's testimony.

"Are you done", Judge Locke said after a heated exchange. He was allegedly driving the auto when Bradley was shot. Hernandez is now serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd. It is unclear what First Assistant Suffolk District Attorney Patrick Haggan has in store for the elder Hernandez, a former college football star himself, but one legal expert told the Boston Herald he does not expect that bringing the suspect's brother in as a witness to backfire on the prosecution.

  • Rosalie Stanley