Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors & Why You Need One

First, Nintendo has confirmed that there's no way to transfer Switch saved games to any other device or microSD card. That is, it's not really just a way to play video games indoors.

Since the Joy-Con controllers feature Bluetooth connectivity, out of Twitter has come the revelations that these accessories can not just be used with a portable handheld gaming console, but synched with other machines as well.

There you go! Your Switch is now completely powered down. As discovered by French site Nintendo Actu (via The Verge), they'll pair up with PCs through Bluetooth in basically the same way as the Pro, although you'll need a separate app, like JoyToKey, to map the buttons.

The aquarium warning is likely because water can attenuate the wireless signal, but it's hilarious to imagine hundreds or thousands of Switch players squinting at their television screens through rippling water, or angrily blaming deaths on a particularly troublesome fish. You'll use the touchscreen a lot, and that's why you want to investigate Nintendo Switch screen protectors.

Install the latest firmware update. Because of this, the company made the bold move to officially recommend that consumers refrain from purchasing skins for the Nintendo Switch, while simultaneously cancelling and refunding every pre-order it had for Switch and Joy-Con skins. If you have a Mac, Windows or Android-powered device at home and if you happen to be in possession of a Switch too, then the accessories would allow you to control your other devices, and here's how. A check of Craigslist found several of the consoles for sale, but you are going to pay a premium. Early reports from Glixel indicate that removing your device from the included dock regularly can lead to scratches.

Overall, Switch is durable and the video makes one thing clear.BUY A CASE (example) AND SCREEN PROTECTOR (like this one).

  • Fernando Stephens