Boeing 737 MAX 8 gains FAA certification

The LEAP-1B-powered Boeing 737 MAX began flight tests in January 2016 and the engine has performed exceptionally well in more than 2,200 aircraft flight hours.

Starting next year, there will an efficient new airliner entering commercial service - the Boeing 737 MAX 9.

Boeing is now in the final stages of preparing for the first 737 MAX 8 delivery to customers in the coming months.

The general manager of the 737 Max program says Boeing is stress-testing its production system monthly as it readies to raise monthly production to 47 from 42 this year.

According to Boeing, the 737 MAX 8 reduces fuel use and Carbon dioxide emissions by an additional 14 per cent over today's most fuel-efficient single-aisle aircraft.

The skies may have been gray at Boeing's Renton plant today, but the mood was sunny - thanks to the rollout of Boeing's first 737 MAX 9 jet.

Boeing claims the third generation of its venerable 737 reduces fuel use and carbon dioxide emissions by an additional 14 percent over competing narrowbody airliners, which would include Airbus.

Boeing says Norwegian Air should be getting the first 737 MAX 8 in May, and the first MAX planes should be in commercial service by this summer - when even Renton's skies will doubtless be sunnier.

The MAX 9 has room for 16 to 20 more seats than the MAX 8 - boosting capacity to somewhere between 178 and 220 passengers, depending on configuration. The MAX 8 and 9 will be followed in 2019 by the smaller MAX 7 and higher capacity MAX 200, while studies and discussions continue with customers on growing the family.

According to the company, "The 737 MAX is the fastest-selling airplane in Boeing history, accumulating more than 3,600 orders to date from 83 customers worldwide".

  • Joey Payne