Clear-Knee Mom Jeans: Fashion Forward or Fashion Faux Pas?

Who knows what the genteel folks of that era would have made of Topshop's new "Mom Jeans", which are not only cropped but have "slick plastic panels" over each knee.

What's not to love about the latest in jean fashions from Topshop over at Nordstrom?

I guess they'd keep your jeans dry if you needed to kneel to tie your shoe lace, but other than that, it must just be one of those fashion things.

The MOTO Clear Panel Mom Jeans are available for $95 on TopShop's us site as well as on, making them a very real product that is apparently not a joke.

"A couple years ago when I first started momming I bought the clear elbows mom shirt, and was wondering when they would introduce the trousers!" These are what they call "clear knee mom jeans". says the jeans have a "futuristic feel".

The unique denim styles are definitely different.

While the denim and perspex pair of trousers is definitely on the daring side, we don't think they look that bad. I just place him in my lap and any spit up rolls right off my knees!

The retailer is selling a $95 pair of high-waisted blue jeans with plastic, see-through kneecap covers sewn in. I wait no longer and they match perfectly!

  • Marlene Weaver