Don't worry, cover isn't required in Final Fantasy VII Remake

During MAGIC 2017 last month, a screenshot of Final Fantasy 7 revealed Cloud crouched behind a box (above), taking cover from an oncoming attack. This adventure RPG would go on to become a success, and to acknowledge its success Square Enix is now developing a remake that will bring the game into the 21st century. According to the game's director, this battle is going to be quite flashy in the remake, with environmental destruction. However, Nomura confirmed this is not the case and Final Fantasy 7 Remake will have an "action system". The image may have been misinterpreted, however, Nomura has detailed the image was meant to show that there are certain areas on the map where Cloud can interact seamlessly and that taking cover is entirely optional.

In a new interview with the game's director Tetsuya Nomura in Dengeki PlayStation, he talks about how the battles in the game are in fact action based rather than command based. He said that the idea that the remake of Final Fantasy VII would not fit on a single release was present even at the beginning. With the release of Final Fantasy XV dividing the fan base once again, this episode's featured topic (as suggested by a long-time listener!) is about that very topic. worst game syndrome. He also added that the combat in the remake would be action based and not command based as previously reported.

The screenshots were previously released by Square Enix on Twitter in a bid to tease fans and players of the remake of the highly acclaimed Final Fantasy VII. The team made a decision to split the game this was as it was clear from the beginning of development that the entire game wouldn't fit into a single release.

We take a look back over the years to see how the franchise has changed, with the hope of understanding how we've got the situation we find ourselves in.

  • Joe Gonzales