Hulking cruise ship floats dangerously close to Florida couple's home

According to WFOR-TV and WPLG-TV in Miami, the Celebrity Equinox was leaving Port Everglades on Friday afternoon and heading toward the patio of Bill and Yasmine Todhunter.

They were screaming at the large ship to stop and recorded this cell phone video as the Celebrity Equinox came closer. "Don't cross. Get out", Todhunter frantically yelled as her husband tried to wave down the boat. "This is too close. No".

Bill and Yasmine Todhunter are used to seeing vessels come and go but the ships don't usually get so close!

"I looked up and all I could see was the bow of the vessel, and it was towering over the house", Bill Todhunter said.

A south Florida couple thought a cruise ship was going to crash into their waterfront home where they've lived for seven years, and they have video evidence.

"Celebrity's parent company, Royal Caribbean Cruises, issued a statement saying the ship was navigating "...under the guidance of local port pilots. The ship operated safely and did not put guests or crew at risk, and multiple monitors confirm the ship never touched bottom.

The couple was anxious the ship hit the seawall, but Royal Caribbean, Celebrity's parent company, released a statement saying the ship did not hit bottom. "There was potential damage to seawalls, decks, foundations, I didn't know how hard it had struck", Bill said. "I was worried about my husband, I was worried about the dogs and I was worried about the house".

The video shows the ship's front thrusters churning the water, apparently trying to slow its approach.

"To say it's in the proper channel is a bogus statement", Todhunter said.

Celebrity Equinox, a 2,850-person cruise, was in the midst of a ten-night itinerary around the Caribbean.

The ship is now on a 10-day cruise of the Caribbean and is scheduled to arrive back at Port Everglades on March 13.

  • Joey Payne