Joe Biden 'confident' American people can overcome divided nation

"The only bipartisan thing left in America is the fight against cancer", former vice president Joe Biden said during a keynote speech at the annual SXSW festival.

Soon after, then-President Obama tasked Biden with putting together the Cancer Moonshot Task Force. "Many of you are developing technologies and innovations for purposes large and small, fun and serious, entertaining and life-saving". "We approached Amazon, who said, 'You're going to need a lot of space in the cloud to accommodate all of this data, so we'll make it available for you'". After leaving office at the end of January, Biden unveiled plans for the Biden Foundation, which will focus on advancing cancer research, helping military families and preventing violence against women.

One of the main themes of Biden's speech was collaboration. "It's my hope that this new administration, once it gets organized - and I'm not being facetious - will be able to focus on and be as committed and enthusiastic as we are to the goal of ending cancer".

After an intro by his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, the former VP stepped on stage.

The 74-year-old Biden, a hit with the Millennial, techie crowd with his impassioned, folksy style, ended with an emotional plea to the tech community, citing the need for innovative solutions to remove barriers in the fight to end cancer: "South by Southwest has brought together some of the most creative minds in the world".

As an example, Biden cited a case in which under the administration of former President Barack Obama, $30 million was awarded to improve electronic recordkeeping.

Biden said he's also eager to work with President Donald Trump and his administration on the cancer moonshot. "Our generation can be the first generation on earth that has a completely different understanding of cancer as a controllable and preventable disease rather than a death sentence". He referenced John F. Kennedy's original initiative to put a human being on the moon: "He talked about the effort to go to the moon as a commitment that the American people had made and were unwilling to postpone".

"You're the future", Biden said on Sunday afternoon to a packed audience of some 1,300 peple at the Austin Convention Center, addressing others in attendance representing the cream of the crop in technology and media. "And the core of the Republicans in the congress - and the Democrats - are good, decent, honorable people being artificially separated by a new kind of political partisanship".

But, really, those are just a few moments in an hour-long speech so if you love Biden, and we know you do, check out the whole thing. "It frustrates me", Biden said.

But the tone took a serious turn as Biden credited the death of his son, "my Beau" Biden, who died at 46 years old almost two years ago due to brain cancer, as the reason behind his anticancer crusade. "We can make enormous, enormous, enormous progress'".

The upshot of those calculations: They'll help us to know know, Biden said, why one treatment works in one person and not in another.

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