Lorde Just Dropped Her New Single "Green Light" With A Music Video

This year, LORDE makes her anxiously awaited return with the new single "Green Light,"marking the first taste of new music that will set the tone for her highly anticipated performances at marquee festivals including Coachella, Governors Ball, and Bonnaroo".

Lorde's forthcoming album, "Melodrama, ' is expected to debut sometime this summer". "Green Light" will also be featured on iHeartRadio's "New Hits Weekly" and "New Alt Weekly" on-demand playlists.

She told Beats 1 interviewer Zane Lowe, another New Zealander prominent in the music business, that she still felt at home there despite recording Melodrama in NY. In particular, there'll be "quieter moments, softer moments, vulnerable moments" and "super-rich songs".

"I say (in the lyrics), "She thinks you love the beach/You're such a liar".

Lorde is set to perform on Saturday Night Live next weekend (11th March), as well as appearing at festivals across the USA and Europe. With lyrics like "Honey I'll come get my things, but I can't let go", it's clear she's haunted by a hard break-up.

In 2013, a 16-year-old LORDE quietly, yet confidently asserted herself as the voice of a generation with her full-length debut, Pure Heroine. I am so proud of this song.

"The chorus of the song starts off, "'Cause honey I'll come get my things, but I can't let go, I'm waiting for it, that green light, I want it". Maybe that's just how she grew up: After all, it's always already tomorrow in New Zealand. "And that's the song for me". She has her own music in her headphones, and she dances to her own beat. I might not be okay right now but I will be soon. "Green Light" is quality radio fare that's perhaps too faithful to the style of its predecessors, a don't-shake-it, don't-break-it comeback single one hopes will pave the way for more daring strokes. Everyone has that first year that feels like the first proper year of adulthood. Who am I when I'm doing things just for myself?

So now that Lorde is an establishment pop star, can she still be as weird and revolutionary as she was back then? The singer brings in a self-reflective perspective to the album that she said would be about "really growing up" as a artist and person. It's fantastic actually listening to this body of work and being like, 'wow, that is that year of my life in all of its kind of glory and disgusting.' All the gross moments, all great moments.

Oh, and did we mention she signed with Universal Records at 12 years old?

The Lyrics:Those great whites, they have big teeth/ Oh, they bite you. "My relationship with the city and the country is so strong and I know that I'm gonna live there for a long time".

  • Marlene Weaver