Microsoft Introduces New Tech Series Of Controllers For Xbox One

Microsoft has revealed a brand new Xbox One controller they are dubbing the "Tech Series". The controller series is apparently inspired by "military technology and performance patterns", as well as concepts "stemming from combat armour and sci-fi mechanical gear".

As if Microsoft didn't make enough cool-looking controllers for the Xbox One already - including the ability to design your own - it's got a new line that's set to become the "elite" peripheral for the console. The new controller will be available starting April 25 and will cost $69.99.

The Recon Tech pad also will sport gold accents and a laser etched texture. Similar military-inspired controllers can be expected as Microsoft continues to roll out the series ahead of its scheduled Project Scorpio launch around the holiday season.

The back of the controller has soft rubber for comfort. Does the Xbox One need more models of controller?

Like Xbox's other wireless controllers, the new controller will include improved wireless range and Bluetooth Tech for Windows 10 and Samsung VR gaming.

The Xbox One controller has went through a few iterations over the last several years.

The newest Xbox One controller looks like it fell off of a cyberpunk mercenary and, honestly, I love it. You can pre-order it using the link below.

  • Joe Gonzales