Mom: Clogged 911 calls led to baby's death in Dallas

The death is the second to be seemingly tied to what has been dubbed a "ghost call" issue in which T-Mobile customers' phones flood the city's 911 call center with phony emergency calls, forcing legitimate emergency callers to wait in line.

"It is outrageous that T-Mobile still has not resolved the ghost call issue that is putting Dallasites in danger by clogging our 911 system", Rawlings said.

"We need immediate answers, and we need to do everything we can to fix this", Rawlings said. Brandon's babysitter was put on hold for more than 30 minutes as the infant's life hung in the balance.

The city said after a caller hangs up, their phone for some reason mysteriously keeps calling and overwhelms the 911 center.

The baby's mother, Bridget Alex, said, "When I came and picked up my son she [babysitter] was still on hold with 911".

In a statement, city authorities said when the call takers called back, they could not reach the sitter.

The Mayor of Dallas has also called for action.

Regardless of what the city says, there is absolutely some accountability that needs to be taken by city officials and T-Mobile, particularly because this risky issue has been happening for months and is not yet resolved. The problem only happens with T-Mobile phones. Days later, "that record was dwarfed by a new one: 442 callers placed on hold for an average of 38 minutes", The Washington Post article said.

During that time, emergency operators received a surge in calls, city officials said in a statement.

Bridget Alex said she was at her sister's house after the funeral for her 19-year-old nephew when the baby- sitter called her frantically. On March 6-the day of Cross' death-there were 360 emergency calls on hold.

However, if Stoddard County Dispatch ever gets backed up, their calls are forwarded to Sikeston DPS. I want to be at home playing with my son.

The baby's caregiver was using a T-Mobile device, but police are still investigating whether his death was directly linked to the problem. But in a press conference Wednesday, he said the city was working closely with T-Mobile engineers to resolve the issue. After WFAA contacted the city about Brandon's death, Broadnax reached out directly to the CEO of T-Mobile. Below you can find a video of T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray giving us an update on the situation from Dallas, courtesy of Reddit user Brayden15.

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